How it Works

The process

Getting your payday loan through fast cash couldn’t be more simple, the four basic steps are outlined below. You can borrow between $250 & $1000.

Step One: Fill in our simple Fast Cash online application form
This simple form takes only a few minutes to complete and will enable us to give you the fastest response possible.

Step Two: Verification of your Fast Cash
We can provide a loan approval very quickly, this is a team effort, the sooner you can get the necessary documents to us, the sooner you can get your Fast Cash!

Step Three: We pay your Fast Cash
We pay Fast Cash multiple times daily via EFT the quicker you apply the quicker you get your fast cash.

Step Four: You pay us back
Once your pay day comes around we’ll direct debit your account for the agreed amounts on the agreed dates.

Do I qualify?

You may qualify* for Fast Cash if you are an Australian resident and can answer yes to the following 3 questions:

  • Are you over eighteen?
  • Are you employed with your salary paid directly into your bank account?
  • Do you earn at least: $250 a week; $500 a fortnight; or $1500 a month?

(Unfortunately we don’t lend to people who are self-employed or on benefits.)

But what if I have bad credit? Don’t worry! We base our lending decisions based on your financial position today, not in the past. We help people with bad credit records all the time.

*This website and the information contained in it is not a guarantee or offer of credit. All credit applications require assessment and verification before a firm offer is made.